Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yes it Rained alright...

I just checked some internet pages for the water levels at home and it doesn't look like it rained as much as everyone is sayin'. Here the levels are pretty good. The mountain never did open yesterday due to wind and rain and fog. I had just set the course to make the charge and called to see if any of our people up there had any beta. It turns out we chose wisely in sleeping in.
We made the best of the day with a fun trip over the mtn to Hood River. The kite boarders were going off all day. The sun had no issues over there and the sushi was fresh local protein on a plate.
Our dinner waitress not only spent the day doing cross loops and five kinds of kite airs that even an old school free dog like myself can't remember, educated us on the difference between wild ("you have to hunt your own food...") and farm raised ("much fattier"-and don't ask about the kitty litter...) salmon but was also helpful enough to take our picture in the special room. A-Bay is sending it my way from his phone and I will pass it on. And yes we chose wild.
The point here is that we like Hood River. And for some of you parents out there it's a decent father's day shopping team stop. Oh yeah, we went to a gym and the windells'skate park in two groups in the later am.

post script: the iphone photo does not want to load correctly but I can tell you everyone smiled.

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