Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Put it In the Books

Another great SMS Snowboarding trip comes and goes. Just like Joe's Method Air blowing across a tabletop like the one shown here that Phoebe shot today, we blew across the country into Oregon for a week of riding and exploring and its time to go home.
Yesterday the wind blew so hard that the day on snow was over by 11:30. The jumps were all closed and the pipe decks were too slick to walk. I didn't like the weather and I waited and it did not change. We visited Smith Rock State Park and Tahkeetnah warm springs. The rocks were striking, beautiful and the aggressive hike we put on to the top was as Josh C. called it "the coolest dryland ever." Novello Has Photos. Maybe if you ask You can get some. Im 'a waiting. The springs were a little commercialized, a pool actually but the rocks rocked. 400 foot faces and couger warnings. You can't beat it for scenery to contrast our home.
This am there was a lift delay due to fresh snow- not as cool as it sounds- and iced chair cables, Windells never opened their features and the public pipe was closed too: ice and pile combo. Some people we know rolled through High Cascade and that pipe was trap also. Luckily for us the public park was good slush jumping and we were able to have our fill of that for the final day. Saul and Patti arrived to pick up J and J and we all had a group dinner at Calamity Janes on rte 26. If you ever stop in be sure and find our SMS 2009 trip dollar bill with Shelby Simpson arwtork for decoration and commemoration stapled to the ceiling. I look forward to finding it there next year. The camp was great. The kids worked hard on snow, at dland, and rolling with the changes in schedule. There is much more to developing quality individuals towards quality athletics than day after day of technical training in the park. This group showed gratitude every day out here in every condition.

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Matt said...

sounds epic for the finale! Nice air.