Friday, December 3, 2010

Day Three: Bluebird Skies and Perfect Snow Pack

Kids had another fun day of training yesterday. We started our day with our quick joint mobility warm-up at the top of the American Eagle lift and some body position practice at low speeds. We start every morning that way and add a skill to practice each day. Then it was off to all day park and pipe laps with a couple thousand feet of freeriding in between.
Ross has been getting a few kids into the Boardercross wu-tang practice ( a single technical feature.) The Elite Team went to Keystone and I heard the park is beautiful. Expect some killer shots of those guys any time here. Scotty J and the non Bx'-ing Am Teamers have been on a pretty similar program as dev's with a rich mix of freeride, park and pipe.
 My plan was to head over to breckenridge today and sunday but got a helpful Reminder from G Raith that we will be running short on pipe time next week when it closes for GP practice and competition. Despite the fact that its so early in the season and the heavy pro session is on in there we have to claim our runs or maybe not see another Pipe until January. So the dev crew will be riding Halfpipe boards and keeping off the boxes and rails for the first half of each day over the next four days.
I shot a good deal more video than pictures but here are a few for some visual stimulation. Glad to hear the east coast weather has turned around and thanks for you all back come. I miss my family and hate to hear it raining on them. Thanks for checking in here.
Lizzie Hernandez Checking out the jumps.
Jack Griffin stylishly gets ready to unwind that Downbox.

Louie Vito. Proper Method.

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