Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spencer Shaw takes 10th at season's first Grand Prix

Amidst classic Colorado winter weather, Spencer Shaw rode like a Pro and earned 10th place in today's Grand Prix Finals. Im sorry to not have photos to share, but we have it on film and will be posting it soon.
The light snow and wind slowed some riders, but Spencer pleased all watching with impressive amplitude.
He wanted to have a frontside 1260 in his run but had not tried one since August. He attempted and landed 4 today, the third being his first in a competition run. Since Spencer dropped first in the Finals, this first-hit 1260 was the opening trick of the day's competition. The announcers were floored and championed the Certified Mack throughout the event.
A loss of amplitude at the end of the first run resulted in a slightly disappointing score for such a technical show. Good thing Spencer is working with Ross Powers, who tweaked his run a bit to maintain amplitude for all 5 hits.
Spencer's 10th place run started off with a massive frontside 1080 reminiscent of Danny Davis in 05. This was followed by a Cab 720, an overhead frontside air, and a backside 900 leading into the frontside 12 right in the judge's faces.
I believe Spencer took 5 runs in the pipe today and landed them all. Darn good runs too. Congrats for his highest placing in a Grand Prix, to date....

Stock Photo of C Mack and his bros in NZ. (plus his certified-Massive Lien air from saturday's final.)

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