Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pipe,Park, SBX and Pow

Fall Camp has been off to an amazing start. Copper's halfpipe is the best I've ever seen this time of year and our team has been taking advantage of it. We've also been mixing it up with all kinds of riding and training.
We have found some powder to slash and jump into as the photo's show. Myself and some of the AM team trained with Ross Hindman's SBX crew. We trained some gate drops and raced over the first wu-tang jump. It was good for our riders to train with riders they will be competing with at events like the Rev Tours.
Yesterday the AM team met up with the Elite team at Keystone. Their park had tons of rails, boxes and some nice jumps. Ezra, Jamie and Tanner were charging and landing some sweet 720's.
The training at Woodward has been great and our athletes are working hard on their air awareness. Many athletes have been doing double flips and corks into the foam from the ramp and tramps. Mikey Perle stepped it up to a triple cork last night which was very cool to see.
Today the Am and Elite teams took a day off as everyone was tired after all the training. We went to the movies and did some shopping. Tomorrow everyone plans to head back to Copper's halfpipe to ride. The Grandprix is coming up so many top pro's are training as well which is good for our riders to see and learn from.
Biba Turnbull with a backside grab.
Marian Lobell drops down a bank.

Josh Cohen with a sweet pow slash.

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