Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick Rev Update


Sorry for the lapse folks! Rev Tour has been two 10hr days and I moved to Breck during that time. Here some quick posts.

Spencer Shaw not only got 10th in the GP, but he went on to win the Rev Tour in a heavy field (with Japanese Olympic Team riders), won $250 best trick with the 12 in his winning run, and qualied for the Dew Tour Prelims today. What a start for this kid....

Mak Tierney and Serena Shaw just missed finals in Rev. Mak ended up top 10 in Rev Slope today and Serena just missed the tough Dew HP cut.

Kyle Dorfman and Hunter Wood both landed great runs in today's snowed-out event.

Chris Tierney, Hunter Wood and James Haffner joined Spencer Shaw in the Rev HP finals. Mike Perle just missed finals with fearless amplitude (see photo).

I witnessed Ezra Racine and Dan Landy land some tech combos on the jump line. This was the first year we were not able to get riders in off the Rev wait list and these were two of the casualties.

Its still dumping snow and we are going to watch Eric Beachemin compete in Dew Slope qualifers tomorrow. Off to sleep.....

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