Sunday, March 20, 2011

Carinthia Open

The Carinthia Open has been a long running skier event held at Mount Snow.This event is the mega-event for the top pros and amateurs in the ski world.This year they decided to let snowboarders join in the event.With a pro cash purse of $2000 and a truck load of sponsor prizes for amateur first place. I knew the level of skiing and riding was going to be intense.After the jam style qualifiers were over,l knew that HUNTER WOOD,KYLE DORFMAN,and JAMIE CHARRON had a chance at standing on that podium.The course was a challenge to ride do to the fact that the landings had giant bomb-holes and washboards on the landings.I was impressed that our riders could land a simple straight air on those jumps.As l watched the SMS riders land their finals runs,l knew my perdiction was dead on.HUNTER WOOD would stomp his way to first place and take home $2000 as well as best trick which was a Contour HD camera.KYLE DORFMAN would take second place in the men's pro with $1200 in his pocket.Last and never to be counted out was JAMIE CHARRON. He also took first place in the men's armature.Winning a snowboard and a wheel barrel full of product.To see the smiles on they winners faces is one of the best things about my job.These guys work hard every day and today they reap the rewards!

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