Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Night Usopen...

After two days day one is in the books and SMS riders past and present were all over the leaderboards and moving through the heats with great, hot snowboarding action...
Randall spinning uphill.
First I want to remind everyone to welcome our alumns home with pride. Eric Beauchemin was the men's slopestyle top qualifier from heat one this morning. India Stephenson qual'd in third and Ellery-don't call-her-pipejock-Hollingsworth took the fifth spot for the wmn. In This Mornings HP we got to see James Haffner qualify in the final automatic spot with a tenth. Joe Mensch and Tyler Emond just missed but rode great while Mike Farnum was throwing Nines and big airs in one of his first days of HP in 2011...Randall Stacy's first hit alley oop was my favorite alumni air of the day and it shot well too.
Current SMS student athlete's stars continued to shine this season with The heat two slope crew of Wood, Shaw and Tierney all qualifying through to the next round. Hunter's giant back flips, Spencer's nollie fronts off the cannon and Chris' style were announcer favorites on the course.
Our crew rode some great Halfpipe again today also with Spencer finding his run just when he needed it to qualify in second on the day. Clutch and consisten riding all season for Spencer. Mike Perle is just outside the bubble spot at day's end, just Like Phoebe Novello. TOUGH SPOT but at the US Open that spot can be as good as day one gold when invited riders leave a spot available. Let's hope they get another chance and make it count.
Serena and Hunter each just missed by a small few places in pipe, riding well but not quite clean enough.
Spencer Shaw's immaculate backseven.
 Marian, Quincy, Karen, Makayla, Kyle, Dan, Connor, Tanner and Josh all put up strong bids to advance as well but either couldn't hold on or didnt quite bring the amplitude or style the Judges were looking for today. Congrats to everyone who stepped up and took at Shot at this years US Open. Good Luck in Slope Q's and Pipe practice tomorrow.
Pheebs Back five.

Q.C-K. Boosting

Mike P Indy -air

winter wonderland.

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Chase One said...

These are some awesome photos you have here. I have just started reading your blog and was curious what SMS stands for? Also, where was this event held? Looks like they have a pretty cool set up for it all. In saying that, the Ski Fields here in New Zealand are not up to the same quality as over there haha.