Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hunter and Serena dominate Rev Tour and more...



While the Rev Tour at Mt Snow threw riders a wicked curveball of bipolar weather, two SMS riders showed their mastery of East Coast riding and stood on both HP and Slope Podiums. SERENA SHAW won yesterday's HP event with the help of her frontside 720. This win gave her the Overall HP Ladies Champ of the Rev Tour. Prizes and cash flowed like Gatorade. Not one to rest on her laurels she showed up to slope today and took second place in the face of brutal "wintery mix" conditions.
HUNTER WOOD was glad to see the sun come out yesterday and enjoyed his pleasant path to 2nd place HP. What made it even more enjoyable was seeing alum Joe Mensch land in first place with a final-run clincher. Youngster TANNNER BARRETT also flourished in the sunlight and ripped his way onto the podium in 3rd. A Rev Podium for this kid is a big move, great to get one under your belt. Tanner also rode well in today's storm and just missed finals.
The weather for slope today was a barrier that overcame most riders. This was not the case for the many SMS riders in the event who enjoyed superior wax techs. Clearing the jumps was not even an option for the majority, but Hunter led the charge and landed rodeo's, backflips and 900's, placing 2nd behind a ripper from Alaska. Hunter also won best trick of the day and prizes and money rained again.


Other Highlights of the Rev Tour
MIKE PERLE was ruling the Mt Snow pipe for days before the event. Although he struggled on the day of the event, he fought his way through. He made finals despite falling in his run (but riding out the rest of the run, great lesson). His finals run was botched a bit but still put him just off the poduim. Oh yeah, after the last runs of the event,Mike hiked up twice and stomped the Cab 1080 he was planning on in his runs. Anyone film that?
EZRA RACINE and KYLE DORFMAN rode through the storm into finals today on a tough course in tougher conditions.
KAREN KOBAYASHI caught my eye with her boardslide on the flat down as she went on to run the entire big side of the course. Few ladies can say they ran it all and Karen had a stylish run.
JOSH COHEN landed a nasty HP run yesterday. Fronside 720 and a McTwist sent him out the gate smiling. Nice one!


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