Friday, March 4, 2011

Chris Tierney and Spencer Shaw Shake Up Grand Prix Slope


It is coming up on 9pm here and I've been at it since 7am this morning. Im not complaining here, just justifying my shortage of coverage of today's amazing event. After 2 days of snow and comp cancellations we had a perfect day for the Slope finals.
Ezra Racine, in his first GP event, landed both runs and stepped up the second run with an 80ft front 1080. He was so pumped as was all who saw him ride. The days winner, superpro Chas Guildemond even complimented one of his runs. Great job E-Z Race.
Hunter Wood rode better than ever, truly at professional level. It is amazing to see what he is doing after 5 years of riding with him. The run that he was trying could have won the event. I gotta take some blame for toning his run down after the first attempt failed, but I thought he would qualify easily with the monster dub backflip in his run. Sorry Hunter, but man you are ripping and that is the important thing. US Open is next week bro!
I finally got a personal look at CHRIS TIERNEY'S dub back 1080, as did a majority of today's top slope pros. It was the same feeling as watching Hunter today, I have seen Chris come so far. Not taking any credit here, just so happy to see kids come up and achieve so much. We sat in the finish gate watching the final runs to see if he would get bumped off the podium by full pros, Chas being one of them. What a feeling that must have been for this young ripper!! He ended up in 5th at his first Grand Prix slope event, again what a feeling...
In a day full of amazing highlights, Spencer Shaw standing in second spot on the podium was the big payoff. This kid puts about 30% of his time riding slope and can put a podium run down with ease. He has so much more up his sleeve and is sparked to dominate slope now. Once again, US OPEN right around the corner.

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