Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in the Saddle At Carinthia

It's kind of a saddle in the ridgeline between Mount Snow proper and Haystack. The old Ruben Snow farm aka carinthiapark. Nitro is up and running with sweet hard corduroy, three jumps a smattering of jibs and the sound of snowguns. Lower T has some mini jumps, a flat rail and a street rail.The gulch is being rebuilt after serving the holiday crowds their fair share of ice jibs, the HP snow reserve is piled almost high enough for working and the natural jib park as well as lower nitro are just about ready to groom and open. It's college week so watch out for the goofballs on break. Pretty good training for most levels and plenty to do out there in the cold temps.
JP McCabble 5

Jack G BS 5

IK fs3 off Toes Yo.
Very cool to see all of the different teams riding together for the first time all year- season. Kids are getting their skills back up from the Holiday break and should be ready for the trip to Northstar this weekend. Northstar has worse weather than we do so far this year but they did get snow blown for the pipe so we will get a good week of HP training as well as our Rev contests.

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