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SVSS #1 at Carinthia. Slope and Pipe.

Jack G bending it hesh
Carinthia parks at Mount Snow Hosted the first freestyle events of the USASA's 2012 Southern VT Series this past weekend. The venues were stellar. The riding was sick and the riders, coaches and parents of southern Vermont and SMS Snowboarding were very impressed and grateful. I wish I had photos of everyone but too many kids are dressing like Coaches (in black, brown, olive...). It was great to see The Series That Leads The Way get off to such a great start. The jumps have never been so soft and clean and fast so late in the day, and the pipe well, the pipe is the only HP in the East besides the Dew Tour pipe and from what I hear less icy, (better). Highlights include double gold winners Xander Raith and Julia Marino. (It is a contest. Great results are highlights.) Other double podiums were earned by Peter Cerulo with a gold in slope and a silver in HP, (see twisted method at bottom of page.)- I have said it before and I will say it again for those who did not listen the first time...Peter Cerulo: King of Style, Chris Waker used to be The King and then it was Chris Tierney-king-of-style but last year the crown passed and today you can check his business card...Peter Cerulo. K o S.
Julia Marino will represent the SVSS at t X-Games this week. Please watch. You big silly!

The weekend's other double podium winner from SMS is Menehune Girl Kiersten Edwards. Kiersten took third in slope with some montrous and stomped airs off the big side, (read; only girl in age group to ride big jumps). And ruled the division in HP with the large airs as shown in nearby FS air shot. Congrats to all the riders and Thanks to the work put in on the solid course all week long it was a great week and that shows when so many are able to put down, with style and confidence the tricks newly learned and the old stand byes that have been working so well they don't need fixing. Full results from both days events are listed below. Thanks for reading. Keep following these kids and watch for the weekly progression that is SMS Snowboarding.
Fontside air By Menehune Champ Kiersten Edwards

Bye the way, DYK that PG student athlete and class of '11 Spencer Shaw was 6th in the Dew Tour HP finals at Killington sunday? Spencer was also crushing the slope course up there this week just missing finals but taking 16th in the event coming in just in front of 4 year SMS athlete Chis Tierney. '10 Athlete Joe Mensch was 16th in Pipe Semis and of course legends Louie Vito, Luke and Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis all made finals with Louie taking Second place again. Great Job Fellas! We know you deserve more than a mention but dryland is about to begin...and time waits for no man...which is maybe why Lindsay Jacobellis is so Danged fast! Lindsay just won her second world cup SBX of the winter... amazed and humbled to be a part of it all. I love the heart of winter.

Xander 's Vt Sushi Roll. (Stale Fish)

 Methods were dedicated to Craig Kelly. PD pays homage.

Jack Griffin, Front Board train...

Front Board train caboose, Evan Werner

Peter Cerulo Gold in Slope, Silver in HP twisted Method.

SVSS Slopestyle #1 1/21/12                                                             SVSS Halfpipe #1, 1/22/12

Menehune Girls (10&11)                                                            Menehune Girls
3rd Kiersten Edwards                                                                         1st Kiersten Edwards

Breaker Boys (12&13)                                                                 Breaker Boys
2nd Peter Dimitriou                                                                             4th Rekai Tait
4th Rakai Tait                                                                                      7th Peter Dimitriou
9th Benjamin Raith                                                                              8th Benjamin Raith

Youth Wmn (14&15)                                                                    Youth Wmn
1st Julia Marino                                                                                    1st Julia Marino

Youth Men (14&15)                                                                      Youth Men
1st Xander Raith                                                                                    1st Xander raith
5th Jack Griffin                                                                                       6th Jack griffin
7th Evan Werner                                                                                     8th Mason Geils
10th Owen Barth                                                                                    9th Andrew tousignant
11th Mason Geils                                                                                   10th Owen Barth
17th Andrew Tousignant                                                                        11th Evan Werner

Junior men (16&17)                                                                        Junior Men
1st Peter Cerulo                                                                                       2nd Peter Cerulo
4th Daniel Landy                                                                                     7th Mike Boylan
12th Michael Boylan

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