Monday, January 16, 2012

Northstar@Tahoe REV TOUR and Copper RMS SBX.

Mike Perle with a big double tail grab in the Northstar pipe.
REV TOUR Men's Pipe Podium. Mike Perle 3rd. Joe Mench SMS Alumni 1st.
Joe and Mike.
Noelle Edwards with a frontside air during the REV.
Karen Kobayashi airing out of the pipe with a nose grab.
Phoebe on top of the podium after her awesome slope run.
Biba Turnbull and Marian Lobell charging out of the start during the Rocky Mountain Series SBX
Josh Cohen out of the gate on the way to his 2nd place finish during the RMS at Copper CO.
Marian, Josh, Karen and Biba hanging out after collecting their medals and USASA points towards nationals. Josh placed 2nd in the 16-17 age group. The girls swept the podium in their 16-17 age group. Karen placed 1st, Biba 2nd and Marian 3rd.
While this event was going on Noelle Edwards competed in the Gatorade Free Flow halfpipe in Vail CO with Maverick Shaw. Noelle placed 2nd in the women's and Maverick place 4th in the men's.
The SMS Team have all been riding hard and stepping up the level of their riding. It was great to see the AM Team at a REV Tour charging the pipe and slope. I saw the Elite Team ride the best I've seen them ride learning new tricks and putting down new runs. Phoebe's slope run was the best contest run I've ever seen her have and it was great to see her on top of the podium. With this win and her 3rd in Copper she is well on her way to earning her JR World spot and is currently leading the Rev Tour Slope Overall.
The Speed & Style Team have also been riding hard. It was great for them to get in an awesome 22ft pipe cut by Frank Wells. The girls have been pushing their level of air out of the pipe and working on their 360's and 540's.
The guy's all did some of their biggest airs out of the pipe that I've ever seen them do. Josh doing big frontside airs, Chip backside airs and Mike backside tail grabs.
Mike was a warrior on the Rev Tour Pipe contest day as he crashed first run of practice and bruised his knee. He went on to hit the deck in finals practice and cut above his eye. He placed 3rd with a run including a back side air, frontside 900 tail grab, backside 540, frontside 1080, cab 720 all way out of the pipe.
I'm sorry I don't have a photo of Chip Linton. Chip had a good week in CA. As I said before he did the biggest backside airs out of the pipe that I've seen him do. He worked on his backside 720's at Boreal and put down a sweet backside 360 & 540 during his slopestyle competition at the Rev Tour.
Most of the Speed & Style Team are in Copper CO this week for the Hole Shot SBX races. Ross Hindman's ISTC Team and Copper have done a great job building the course. Hopefully we'll have some more good news to post soon.

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