Friday, January 13, 2012

Phoebe Novello Dismantles Rev Tour Slopestyle

This post cost me dinner and completes a 14hr day. But after the show Phoebe Novello put on today, it is worth it.
Gotta keep it short, but I should also point out that Mike Perle placed 3rd in Rev HP yesterday, two spots below champion and SMS grad Joe Mensh. Jen Cohen was just off the podium yesterday also. Ezra just missed finals today and placed 14th in a competitive field. Biba was gunning for finals but a brush of her hand undid her binding 30ft in the air. This unfortunate twist cost her the run, but she shook it off well.
Dave Redden's groms showed nerve and style. Xander was close to a masterpiece of a run, Peter D lipslid a wallride twice his height and Mason landed a clean run, nailing all four features. The aforementioned wallride stood in the way of Peter Cerulo and Dan Landy's well planned runs. These two battled through tough falls this week, it is clear that pain will not keep them from pushing their riding. Connor Callen was in the same boat, but came close to landing a large 720 in competition. Seeing how he just learned the trick, it won't be long before it happens.
Back to Phoebe. She truly put on a show and I could write a paragraph detailing her road to victory. Bottom line is she trained hard, came to win, and showed supreme focus. The rest can be seen in the video below.
We will miss California and its blue skies, but the prospect of a snowy VT has us ready to board the plane.

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