Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gettin' Pow. Sorry!

I hate to do this to all the peeps back at SMS, but I gotta blog and this is what I have to post. Our jet-lagged behinds got to sleep in a bit today (8:30am), which was nice. We then hit the best breakfast spread ever at Hotel Edelweiss before headed out into the snowy village. This resort is huge. Last night I compared it to 3 Strattons. It's more like 8!
I always dislike leading a crew around a new resort. Local knowledge rules and it is tough to not know where to go, especially at a massive resort with tons of fresh snow.
Well we didn't quite know where to go, but we soon figured it out. We headed to the outer confines of the resort where we saw a nice, mostly untouched bowl with a mellow cornice leading into it. I checked in with a Mt employee to ascertain safety. The lack of tracks made me a bit nervous, but the dude told me it was good to go. I guess with all the terrain available most people avoid hiking.
A scenic half-hour hike got us to our drop zone. The girls were a touch nervous as I broke down some basic cornice/slide concepts. I dropped first (not just being selfish, but safe), and enjoyed exactly what I had been missing this winter-powder turns! The girls got a bit ragdolly on their first cornice drop, but ate up the pow turns and demanded another go. Second time around the hike went a bit quicker, Phoebe pretty much ran up. The attached video sums up how run two went. Nice line Biba!
What I had not realized was that this was a new take on snowboarding for Phoebe. I take for granted that anyone on a snowboard is on it for pow turns and has had some real ones. Now that Phoebe has she is hungry for more. We will track out this zone again tomorrow then head for another hike that we spotted.
It is 3pm now and we just finished some slamming shnitzel and are resting up. At 6pm we will hit the night park and get our comp practice on again. We are loving our new routine (grub-pow-grub-park-grub) and, once again, no one wants to leave.