Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Peaks Challenge

With powder turns fresh in our minds we awoke a bit sleepy today and dragged ourselves to breakfast. I kept thinking about how I would like to sleep a bit more and wondered where I would get the energy for the day. I am still unsure of where I got said energy, but I'm sure glad I did.

Phoebe and Biba's eyes are opened to the joys of powder turns and the folly of spending your entire young lives lapping park runs, never turning your head to the mountaintop. We must have hiked for 3 hours combined today and covered miles. As we reached our final peak it was impressive to look miles across the sunny valley and see our morning cornice-drop tracks.

I neglected to say that Phoebe was a bit miffed yesterday because she didn't stomp her cornice drop. Today she had made up for it well before noon. She also beefed up her "backcountry" (we never left the resort boundary) knowledge as we chatted up and down the Austrian peaks. We bagged at least 3 today, which brought PETE DAVIS' name to our lips. Aside from the 3 Peak thing, we knew he would be stoked to be with us, and probably had some local knowledge.

Last night we hit the comp park again where Biba ran the 3 jump line in two runs. The girls will be up against the stiffest competition in their lives this week, but I already know they will make me proud. They are sponges for experience, knowledge and progression, so fun to work with. As we stumbled home around 3pm with jellied legs, we ran into Danger Dave and Ty Walker in the streets. The airlines lost their bags and they have been here for 3 days without the ability to shred. This made us realize our amazing fortune so far on the trip.

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