Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So after 15 hours of travelling we finally arrived in Mammoth, making a quick stop at Pita Pit for dinner. We made it to the condo and unpacked our things, and all being tired from a long day of travelling, hit the hay pretty soon after we arrived.
We woke up to a typical sunny Mammoth day, with perfect conditions to shred. We spent the day riding South Park and hitting all of the features they had to offer. Including a sick wallride and a prime three jump line. We didn't hit the main park where the Grand Prix was going to be held because they were still in the process of building the jump line. The jumps in south park were near perfect and Quincy, Biba, Phoebe and Ezra were all throwing down. Practice was scheduled for the next day, so we called it a day and went back to chill.

On Monday, we woke up to windy and snowy conditions and were skeptical as to how the course would be running today for practice. We got up the hill and the conditions were far from perfect, but after getting used to the conditions and having a good look at the course we were ready to hit it and give it a go. Ezra paved the way by hitting the 4 jump line and practice went well for everyone.
Today we woke up to a sunny but very windy Mammoth. Practice was postponed and eventually cancelled due to the heavy wind so the team met up with Travis Moore and the Sass Global Travel crew full of SMS alums in search of pow.

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This is sick! Love it!