Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Main Event. Bretton Woods 2012

Never before have I seen 8 riders so completely dominate a contest of 50 or so other worthy competitors. A mutant crew of SMS Snowboarding, half Elite-half AM Team and one Dev Rider loaded-up on friday afternoon, travelled four hrs north to shack up in North Conway NH and UNLOAD all day long upon Bretton Woods New Hampshire's final stop of the 2012 Main Event Contest Series.
The Main Event is a different kind of contest. It has been an east coast staple for independent minded and progressive slopestyle pros, groms and ams for ten years. It is a simple idea. A short slopestyle. One Rail(or "jib") and one big Jump. Short is easy to judge and while not easy to build, there is a much better chance of the features being GOOD. So for those in need of an explanation here it is... 
Who dares to Enter The Octogon?!
the Main Event Series is a contest on features you want to ride with prizes you can really use... now here is what went down...
It would be disrespectful and rude not to acknowledge the riding level of the field. Everyone killed it or took a beating trying. This is a knockout format as they like to call it and the judges take into consideration "punches landed" during the two "rounds" of Jams. Is it Sun Tzu's The Art of War that so famously recommends respecting one's opponent? This crew was full of respect and was in turn rewarded. The announcers at the start and judges vantage soon knew them by name from far and near when dropping their bombs. Here comes Ezra...your going to want to pay attention...boom! Racine!
Ezra Front five to the body!
 Here comes Dan Landy and he is tucking and bombing in. He is no stranger to the Main Event his whole family was raised competing on the east coast!

Danbo grabs the back of the head and winds up...
PD demos tiger style boxing tech.
                   ... Here comes lightweight Peter Dimitriou. Check the style that won the Nike Boots last Weekend...
and again from underneath!       
JP back seven over the top!

A flurry of Damage From the Nantucket Raith Bros. Don't blink...or you'll get the wrath of Jack G and his Giant back three! These guys are swinging Kettlebells and they mean business. Just wrecking the place.
Bam! Xander
Off the Top rope!
Bonk! Benjo

HIIIYAH! Peter C      

Back 3 Jack Griffin. 60 plus feet.

 And Peter Cerulo with the Clean style all day...I dunno it may just be that the simpler moves with the crisp

EXECUTION might win out over the big spinny flails today...And we've seem some technical maneuvres out of Ezra. Lets see what he's left, OHHH MYYY!

So the boys won the overall title. Ezra gets the Belt and some $ and a trip to Argentina courtesy of SGT. JP and Xander won Jumper titles: a pair of Binders each. Peter Cerulo won 2nd place Lightwieght Contender Overall: Binders and more Headphones. Xander took away the Lightweight title with a wildcard for the US OPEN. The week before Ezra and Peter D both took away Nike Boots for railriing and best trick on the hip. Jack and D and Benjo all won Headphones for throwing punches all day and the Crew made SMS look great on the road with a constant flurry of stoke and huge tricks over the 55 foot table and the assortment of jib features. The best course all year and a great ride home. Thanks boys. Well done.

Probably the first round knockout. YES he's heading left, backwards, folded. Nasty fellow.

Definitely the final Blow. Front 3 on sbs 5 off! Rope a dope!

Lets give em a hand!

Front Boarding and Fighting  Irish John Patrick McArdle


MUTTY said...

NICE work guys. Thanks for the support. Look for the edit coming later today. See you next year.

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Great Blog, loving the pictures too. Are you on Twitter or Facebook, so I can help spread the word.....