Sunday, March 8, 2009

B Day for TTK

Today is Thomas Tikos Kadji's 18th birthday. As I write this he is out to dinner with most of the team and the Simpson's (I blog while they celebrate, I gotta check my head!). Tikos has been a great member of the SMS team and from what I can tell he is a beloved son, caring big brother and the best friend Randall Stacy could ever have!
We had a great day on the hill. It snowed about 4 inches last night which made for sticky/lumpy condtions, terrible for pipe and choppy for slope. The kids are riding so well that they were able to train both without complaint. Eric Beauchemin learned switch back rodeos (stomped and grabbed first attempt, second attempt went 720). India is spinning the big jump in the slope course and I saw some new tricks out of Randall. Poor Tikos edged a bit too hard in the soft snow and did the Reverse Superman, Reverse Scorpion on the deck of the second jump, snapping the tail of his board in half. Ouch, Happy Birthday! He was not phased.

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