Friday, March 20, 2009

US Open Slope Qualifiers

Eric Beauchemin, Hunter Wood and Emily Pannkuk competed in the US Open Slopestyle Qualifiers today. It was a clear day, but the course was solid and since the backs of the jumps had been cut out, they looked much bigger. The kids all had some apprehension but they overcame their fears and landed all of their competition runs. Dave and I were excited for that reason alone. Hunter Wood landed the run that had been eluding him for days, a smooth back rodeo 5, cab 5, front 7, back 7 and qualified 9th (they take 10). Eric went cab 7, switch back 5, front 7, back rodeo and qualifed 4th. Amazing work out of both these guys. Emily had clean runs without much practice. Very nice method air off jump one. She ended up in the top 12.
I know Dave is going to blow this blog out of the water, and he has photos. So thats my quick update. Joe Mensch will be competing in halfpipe tomorrow and should put on a show.

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Laura said...

Thanks Ian. Good Luck to all the kids. Keep the blog coming. We all love it!