Monday, March 9, 2009

Rev Tour Halfpipe

Is anyone reading this blog? I hope so. I am in a rush as I write this, gotta go out to dinner with the team and fams. Just got into the condo to change. SMS represented at the final Rev Tour Halfpipe event. Again I gotta be short so here we go. Five kids made finals with Hunter Wood on the bubble by much less than a point. Shelby and Makayla for girls (Maks first Rev Tour, yeah girl). Joe, Jin and Mike for guys. Jin and Shelb on Podium. Jin 3rd with air, 5, 7,7,5. Joe right behind him in 4th with cab 7, front 9 combo to start his run, purdy nice (followed by 5 and mand straight air). Mike did not get his run and took some hard slams today, but the kid is back and in Rev finals.
Makayla stood up her finals run (killer lein nose first hit) and took 5th. GREAT JOB MAKAYLA! And that leaves Shelby Simpson. I am so happy to see the level Shelb is taking her riding to. I see a hundred pipe comps a year and can count on one hand the number of times I saw a rider drop in to a switch backside first hit (Davis being one of them). Shelb goes switch back 3 (grabbed) to back 5, such a rad leading combo. Second place for Shelby Simpson.
Kevin Mattice came ready to bring the streets to the pipe charging the ice pipe and headbutting it for good measure in his second practice run. Unphased by a swollen face he ended up 23rd, great for a park rat. As you can see in the photo, Joe was concerned and helped ice Kev's mugg.

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Ian, the blog is excellent! I check it every day, mostly looking for Randall Stacy news. But it's great to read about all the team. Ilia Stacy