Thursday, March 12, 2009

For Ilia Stacy

It has been nice to have some positive feedback on the blog. Mike Mattice just sent an amazing message musing on the differences between SMS kids and Middle Eastern youth. We got it good and should take nothing for granted, even an injured rider has it better than many kids.
I also received a request from Ilia Stacy (who also enjoys the blog) for more Randall Stacy news. Like there is not enough on websites and TV shows! Just kidding, never enough Randall coverage.
Before that news, some Rev Tour Slopestyle info. It was the best Rev slope event I have been to. Blue skies and a shredtastic park. The conditions were conducive to throw-down runs, and that is exactly what I was treated to. Eric B was on a mission. He learned switch back rodoes the first day of practice and had it dialed for his runs (see photo below). He followed this with a back rodeo 7 (another relatively new trick for him). He took third and stood on the podium with two excellent riders.

RANDALL STACY put a smooth run together, adding new tricks also. He just missed finals and left smiling. Chris Tierney was just out of finals also. This kid has come miles since the Copper Rev Slope. I honestly was worried for him at that event, but his run at Sugarloaf was sick and his mindset was pro. Sooooo much style, ask anybody.
In their first Rev Tour, India and Makayla both made finals and ended up in 4th and 5th. That pretty much sealed the MVP position for MAKAYLA TIERNEY. The girl made finals in pipe and slope (our only dual-finals athlete) and she got there by killing the course with style. Style counts people, it really does! The Tierney family is solid. Chris Sr. was with us at the event, riding and chilling at the start.

Sorry I just do highlights, its just a time thing. Hudson, Kevin, Hunter, Phoebe and Lena all landed runs, which is what we are looking for. Emily Evanko was the trip casualty, fracturing her knee on the knuckle of jump two. Scotty and I were with her and she is tough. She kept composure under painful duress.
So, now onto RANDALL STACY. This is for you Ilia. Randall and I are tight, we have travelled the world together and shared a near-death experience (he was much nearer to said death). And this is in the two years I have known him! The first day I met him and coached him he broke his collarbone on our second run, like 9:30am. What a bummer, but we got some hospital time in and got to know each other. The kid is really nice and fun to talk to. He has a positive attitude that permeates any group. I have not had much riding time with him this year which may explain his lapse of blog coverage (or its the R rated base graphics on his board in all photos). But he is competing in the Grand Prix Slopestyle this weekend at Killington and I got to train with him today. After Ilia's nice note, I was pointing my camera at Randall all day. Which was a good move because I got some great shots. He was on point at his old mountain, shredding The Stash. The opening photo is Randall ripping through the waved wall ride. The photo below shows the kid's control and style. This is how he straight-airs the biggest jump in the park, full 180 shift of the board, then it comes back. Super high in the air, it looked so cool.

HUNTER WOOD could use some love on the blog too. He was with the slope crew (Eric, Kevin, Randall, and Joe) today and check his approach to the biggest jump. Wild Man Back 7. This one was overshot and he took a good roll, but trust me he's got it.

Eric is riding insane. I witnessed a clean 60ft long, 35ft high backside rodeo and felt like I was watching a movie. More on him later. Kevin and Joe also stepped up to the intimidating park. It was intense, as was the excitement and stoke of our crew as we ripped through a Professional level park in the sun.
One more Randall photo... (He was first to run this log in icy conditions).

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