Wednesday, March 4, 2009

India Stephenson

Today's post is focused on one of our hardest working riders, India Stephenson. She came in strong this fall, setting a great example in dryland, even demonstrating moves for the team. On snow she has been tough and focused. Each day involves hard slams and new tricks. She quickly made the jump to Pro/Am and has fit right in with a very hungry group. Today we rode Stratton and we sensed that India could take her 360s to the big park jumps. She was obviously sensing the same thing becasue by the end of the day she had spun frontside and backside 360s over a 25 ft table. Check the photo, she is grabbing too.

So here's to India, a tough, hard-working young lady who loves to snowboard and inspires everyone who rides with her. Keep it up girl!

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