Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Safe Arrival Down Under

I write this entry in front of the fireplace at our condo in Wanaka. Our travels went quite smooth considering the size of the group and our various points of departure. It was great to see the entire crew when I arrived at our LAX gate at 9:30. Everyone is happy and excited. New members Chip Linton and the Shaws were quick to assimilate and seem like great new additions. The flight to NZ was smooth and made pleasant by the polite stewards, good food and a deep movie selection.
We arrived with our tans in shorts and flip-flops to find full-blown winter. Cold temps, snow and rain greeted us at the airport. The mountains flanking our drive to Wanaka were covered in more snow than I have seen in the past 5 years and this impression was reconfirmed by locals who claim great conditions.
Upon arrival we unpacked, grabbed some food and had our first team meeting of the 09-10 season. While it seems like a short time since summer break started, it is great to see the kids again. The concept of James, Shelb and Eric as seniors really blows my mind! The team was attentive and polite at the meeting, true pros to this game. Scotty J seems impressed with NZ without coming off as a tourist, again a true pro on the road.
We head up to Cadrona tomorrow to purchase our passes, get acquainted with the resort, and get our legs back under us. Not much more to say today, but lots more coming in the next two weeks. We are all so fortunate to be where we, enjoying what we love with close friends. Thanks for all the support from parents, family, and SMS staff for making trips like this possible.

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