Friday, August 6, 2010

Kyle Dorfman Update

Two days ago, Kyle fell after spinning off a park jump and cased it with an outstretched right arm. The tip of his ulna broke off and was pulled around the tip of his humerus by the tricep muscle. The result has a technical name, but in our terms he broke his arm and dislocated his elbow. It was quite traumatic, but Kyle never shed a tear and kept composed throughout the entire ordeal. Once the dislocation was identified at Cardrona Ski Patrol, an air evac was necessary. The only somewhat unpleasant aspect of our next 36 hrs was the helicopter ride across the South Island. As Kyle was comfortably drugged and tough as nails, he was able to enjoy the ride, and I could hear him chatting with the medics in the back. The helicopter was impressive and had windows out the back, affording Kyle a view.

We flew into Dunedin, with views of the wave-washed shoreline and historic churches. Landing on the roof of the giant Dunedin Public Hospital was memorable. Once inside we got the disturbing X-Rays which told the tale. Surgery was required, but was backed up for 9 hrs during which Kyle continued to remain calm while I paced the halls looking for answers. He was operated on successfully at 10pm and was discharged the next afternoon at 3 pm. A 5 hr bus ride to Wanaka put Kyle back in a room and bed much more pleasant and appealing than the room he shared with two elderly folk at the hospital.

Kyle will remain with the team to rest up surrounded by fellow riders and positive vibes. He is in a cast above his elbow, but only for 10 days. The day before we travel home he will have the cast off and the operative stitches removed. The casting period is thankfully short, but he will have to rehab his arm for 6-8 weeks before its back to regular strength.
Kyle's demeanor throughout this ordeal was exemplary. In my mind he has joined the ranks of past troopers Randall Stacy, Dan Feldman, Connor Leach, and Makayla Tierney, who all endured trauma with fortitude.
The team has him in their thoughts and threw down for him today in the pipe. Due to a bug going through the houses, today's team consisted of Phoebe, Quincy, Daniel and the Shaws. Phoebe and Serena landed some of their best 540s yet, and all three girls improved their already stylish straight airs.


We will take our first day off tomorrow and let these young rippers rest and recover. Tough situations have visited us, but these kids face each day with energy and enthusiasm that keeps them all strong.
Even I am inspired to endure more pain and to conjure up youthful energy when stressed.

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