Thursday, August 5, 2010

Park and Pipe Going Off at Cardrona.

This is my first SMS blog post so we'll see how it goes. I just want to start by saying I'm having a great time working with the SMS crew that is down here in NZ and I'm so fired up for SMS Snowboarding this up coming season.

The last two days have been sunny and nice at Cardrona so we've made the most of them. The big park was open yesterday so Waker, Beauchemin, Spencer, Kyle and Dan sessioned it getting their tricks back on big jumps. The girls rode some pipe and then joined the boys for some of the big jumps. Ty Walker had a sweet front 360 while Phoebe landed her nice back 360 on the first jump. After riding we did some core, played some ultimate and had a team dinner.
Today the pipe was the best it's been since we got here so we spent most of our day there. The tricks started to really come out with Phoebe and Quincy getting inverted. Serena with her back to back 540's. Ty was styling out her grabs and was landing backside 540's. Biba was charging her frontside wall with some sweet grabs. Dan Landy had a nice frontside 540. Chris Waker was going huge with his sweet style and landing some big spins. Beauchemin was even riding the pipe working on a run to earn himself some TTR points during the NZ Open. Today was finished off with some soccer and some much needed stretching.

I'm so proud of these SMS athletes and how hard they are working. Time to get some sleep so we can do it all over again.

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