Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Again I find myself apologizing for the lapse in blog action. We have Kelly Clark and some other Burton riders staying next door, and our girls were nice enough to give them our internet password. Great for building relationships but devastating to internet speed here in our house. It takes 10 minutes to load any page.
The crew is all out celebrating Maverick's Bday so I have some freedom and internet power and I figured I would update our adventures. The NZ Open is over, and I'd say we are over it. The event was a bit loose with rules and field sizes changing at the whim of the staff. Eric B caught it the worst, and was cut before he had the chance to shine, which he clearly would have. Hunter Wood and Chris Waker had Cardrona's park and pipe dialed, but fell short in comp. Phoebe Novello charged a bit too hard into slope practice and damaged her foot. It was so tough to see this girl sidelined as she has been the most positive, helpful and hungry rider in the camp.
Things weren't all bad though. Some fun was had and Ty Walker, Spencer, and Quincy all had some highlights. Quincy landed a crippler in the pipe comp, while Spencer and Ty rode in finals. Ty was our best placer with a 10th in slope.
For the past two days we returned to Snowpark to find a forgotten paradise. Jump lines of all sizes are bordered by a massive HP, myriad rail lines, and a gigantic airbag. After days of competition stress, the crew got back to the work of enjoying snowboarding.
Oakley has intro-level sponsorships with Hunter, Serena, Ty and Quncy, so I figured I would shoot some photos with intentions of conveying abilities to East Coast O rep Stan Kosmider. The kids didn't let me down, all worked hard to get some great riding shots. Feast your eyes on the shots. Your young adults will be back in your sight in 48hrs!

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