Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Suns Out, Guns Out


As forecasted, the sun came out today and our NZ first-timers got a real look at Cardrona. The difference in vistas from yesterday was profound. As we reached the higher switchbacks on the access road we looked out on a sea of clouds below us in all directions, with the majestic NZ peaks breaking through and towering over said "ocean". This is a familiar sight to me and veteran Hunter Wood, but it certainly never gets old. Our sights quickly turned from the distant peaks to the peak right in front of us. More specifically, the park and pipe on that peak. A 22 ft pipe, legit park and the surrounding slopes had us jumping out of the vans, almost before parked!
From there the day went as expected. Hot laps ensued and layers of clothing were shed as the sun beat down on our labors of love. Chris Waker lead the way through pipe laps, with his last run being dubbed Best Run of Day by none other than Ross the Boss. No faint praise there and Chris was stoked. Eric Beauchemin has joined the crew and has taken an interest in halfpipe! Great to have this young man with us again, and I could tell he was just as happy to be ripping with us as we were to be with him.


Based on what we have seen in the last few days, 2011 could be the Year of the Handrail Slayers here at SMS. Quincy 270s onto and off of flat and down rails, Ty Walker gaps with grabs. Phoebe is ultra critical of her style (which is not at all bad) and is driven to get tricks with steez. We know what happens when she gets on a mission, look out. Hunter and Kyle bluntslide like they are skating and Dan Landy switch 5050s the flat on a flat-down to switch bs 180 over the down. This one blew Ross' mind.
As the team is young and new, I continue to be surprised by SMS talent and Ross is just starting to get the picture regarding the crew of rippers he now heads.


A big thanks goes out to the staff at Cardrona for helping us out with all our logistical needs and supplying this first-class summer riding experience year after year. This place caters to freestyle riders and have gone out of their way to make sure we have all we need. Specific thanks go to Nadia, Teresa and Ewan for all the help and positive vibes today!

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