Sunday, August 8, 2010

Snow Day

A much needed snow storm rolled through in the past two days, making riding impossible but making for perfect conditions in for the upcoming week. We took yesterday off, and were thwarted by zero visibility today. A few kids were still a bit under the weather, so we view two days off as a good thing and are more than ready to attack Cardrona tomorrow.
We went through more of the Dave Redden summer workout today and each athlete showed us his/her best Turkish Get Up. It will be beneficial for the new team members to see these guys run through the moves when fall dryland hits.
Without much new to write about today, I will instead turn this post over to the musings of Poet Daniel Landy, and throw in some photos from the trip so far.





Lions Migrate By The Well Known Poet Daniel Landy

The lions went to the new land with happiness and pride
The lions were hungry to ride
The lions were lead by two fierce Alfa males
It was Ian and Ross who led the trails
Ross knew how to be the best hunter of the pride
Ian was just happy to teach young cubs how to ride
There was Pete, the lion full of stories
Waker the one who has youth and glory
Eric a lion who hunts with nasty tricks
Every time you see him you will be saying sick
Kyle is the most majestical lion anyone knows
Hunter is a funny lion who likes to play and keep on the go
Spencer the certified Mac lion is not scared
Biba is a lioness who is never prepared
Ty is a lioness who has been in many prides and lands
Phoebe is a lioness that always seems to feel grand
Quincy is a lioness with a northern accent roar
Serena is a lioness that is definitely hard core
But in the end we make the best pride
When we set all the problems aside


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