Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cash and Podiums

Just a quick post from the Reno airport. Truly one of the worst cities in the world. Unhealthy, sketchy looking people gambling at all hours and smoking just as often. Makes us appreciate VT and our outdoor lifestyles.
The crew continues to travel and ride like young pros. Boreal was lacking on snow, but had a fun park/pipe/bx set up. A short lift ride and short trail made for tons of park laps. By the time you wiped the smile off your face from the run you were back up top strapped.
BX was on Wednesday. Justin concussed himself right out of the event the day before, charging practice. He was bummed and I was too. Z just missed the time trial cut (33 and they took 32). That left Jackie to get the podium for SMS and she did so. It was a blast watching her ride. Second place rewarded with cash and product.
Day two was pipe and the weather changed from 50 plus degrees and sunny to 30s with snow wind and chills. Did not stop the kids from ripping. As you may have heard, James and Shelb made finals. Shelby's new run is so sick. Five to five, air to fakie, switch back 3. Yup, Shelb got tons of love that day and ended up 6th. James came up big against the US rookie team. Monster frontside air, 7 to 7 and front 9 got him our second podium, third place. So rad James and Shelb. Hunty threw a nice front nine in his run but sketched the next wall.
Day three, slope, and I was ready for another podium. Sadly the weather was not cooperating and the event was called at 2oclock after many had taken runs. Super frustrating, especially since Hunty was in third when they called it. They decided to give the money and product away in a rail jam. Instead of complaining, the crew went and got that cash. They handed out cash for tricks and in 5 minutes Eric B had 90 dollars and a big smile. Randall and James also got paid.
In a rush, loading the plane, but must mention Emily and Jenn had great slope runs. Stomped with some switch spins.
Gotta go! Get me out of Reno!
Photos are Jackie and Eric B.

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