Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SMS Snowboarding Has Been and Will Be Doing the Following...

We trained tuesday and wednesday at Carinthia Park and the jumps were outstanding, the jibs good, the pipe needed cutting yesterday and today could have used another pass up the riders right wall. The park crew has committed to not rebuild that pipe before 2/28 contest weekend so they don't want to dig too deep in a given night lest it all get too wide...hightlights and photos to follow but first....
  • The Dev crew, The Race Crew and Two pro-ams raced Boardercross at Bromley today.
  • Shelby, Jin and Indrik are going with Rick to The Stoneham, Canada World Cup Event tomorrow. Congratulations.
  • We are planning on going to Okemo tommorrow and friday to train and then compete there saturday the 21st and sunday the 22nd. Contest mornings the vans will depart SMS @7:10. Training day vans will depart SMS @ 8:00. Wax swix CH 7 for the next 4 days please.
But here's the thing: it has started snowing at my house and we are expecting 4-8 inches. If it snows 4 or more we will ride Stratton. Tomorrow only. There you have that. I love weather.

  • Next week will be Carinthia heavy and we will be competing there at Mount Snow on saturday the 28th and sunday the 1st (of March!). That weekend is The Series Finals. There is a banquet Party at the Snowbarn that we will all attend Sunday the 1st after the contest. Parents please come on up or down if you can attend. Vans will depart SMS @ 7:30 for mount snow both days. Wax is pending. Bring some extra shoes and sock for sunday.

Hope to see a nice turnout of SMS community and cameraderie, because honestly these kids are riding great. You should see em. I'll tell you about some tricks we've been seeing and show some photos. At one point today I stood on a knuckle and filmed ten people in a row all spin grab and land one after another. Mostly fives. All our kids. I saw Alex Bayer riding slope. Out there and re-engaging his riding on the open jump lines. Chris and Eric ended the day with a back to back nollie front flip train. Chris is landing switch back five all over and front seven looks like a breakfast spin. Eric landed front ten on film. Hunter landed every bs rodeo he tried, stomping 4 out of 5. Hunter landed back 9 on film and has a switch back five that fifty five feet if its an inch. Kevins jibs are off the hook and his back is looking like its feeling better over jumps than yesterday. He is a slayer. India is spinning every other jump in the nitro line. Joe gets more pop per jump than a bullfrog when everybody else has to hop and tuck just to clear. Austin is spinning a grabbing in a cast. Tikos is spinning huge and Randall's shifty is kung foo. It's precisely orchestrated madness out there and Then there is the suprise of the season... Cesar Slays-the-Gnar Reversade all the way from les Alps learning all his fives and some sev's already. These kids are a high flying celebration of life on snow and inspiring every day.

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