Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A picture of this week...

Big Training week continues like this. There is a crew of racers racing on Friday and training sl. until then. There is a very similar looking crew doing some BX Training next week and racing BX on weds. An even smaller version of said crew is Racing BX at Ragged mtn this sat. as well as GS on sunday. There is Huge party in the gym Saturday night. Look Sharp. Also a high tech Jib team is heading to Killington VT on sunday for the Dead President's RailJam on Sunday. Everyone else will be visiting home or freeriding/training on their own for Presidents' weekend after two more intense days of progression at Carinthia. The schedule has worked out to allow for this great period of solidification of skills without too many contests. They are getting it done out there and the riding level continues to raise.

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