Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christmas Comes for Eric B

So today was killer, like all days at Mt Snow this season. Tikos and Hunter are landing back 900s in the Dew Tour Park. Abay is out of retirement and shredding slope (check photo in last entry). India (now a Pro/Am, congrats girl) is tough on herself, but on her last run she landed a half-cab, a back 3 and a front 3. She sat down on the last Dew Tour jump and was pissed, but she is shredding and belongs with us Pro/Ams.
Joe Mensch quietly throws down all day long and is looking strong going into the spring with 5s 7s and 9s. Slays-the-Gnar has been tagging along with the Pro/Ams and is impressing the heck out of me. Back 7s and large front 5s.
BUT, the highlight of the day was Eric Beauchemin's frontside 1080 off the largest jump on the hill. He decided today was the day and stomped it in 3 tries. This kid loves riding, and I have never seen him so excited. He had a good audience which added to the stoke. The kid called his dad as soon as he unbuckled. Yeah Eric! I just put the clip up on Youtube, go check it out. Its under "Eric Beauchemin front 1080".
Photos are Slays-the-Gnar crail and Dr Redden Head Style Coach.

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