Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just another day on another contest weekend...

At mid-season we have seen more than most years in terms of illnesses, injuries and high caliber performances. last saturday was a perfect example. It was one day after the snowstorm in Cali had left Hunter qualified in third for Rev Tour Slope finals but then the final cancelled.It was two days after James, Shelby and Joe made pipe finals at the same event. James took third surrounded by US Rookie Team members. This was three days after Jacqueline had taken second at the BX out there (securing a JR Worlds spot!). It was one day after Mallon and I took the Dev crew and some Pro-Ams who were injured or thought to be not quite ready for the Rev over to Okemo to feel out the Pipe Shape and test the jumps for Slope. It was a short morning training sesh squeezed in between the forty plus minute rides over and back. The pipe was narrow and the firm jumps were big and poppy. We would have our hands full on Saturday a.m.'s slope course...Or so I thought. The Dev riders and Injured or less experienced pro-ams filled the podiums for SMS like the whole crew of 28 freestylers was there. Highlights from the contest have to go Mike Perle and Cesar for being fresh off of I.R.. Cesar was cleared to ride by a Doctor on weds. Mike had been riding for one week but still in a wrist cast. Mike was front boarding the high bar and did tail grab back Seven to Front five all day and yes for the win. Cesar did back three nose to front five with a poke to walk right past the usual suspects for the final podium spot. We do everything we can to create sound fundamentals yet the final and only common ingredient of every pro shred is the ability to keep one's head together in competitive and dangerous conditions. These guys showed some of that spice. That brings me to Emily Evanko who took a hard blow to the shoulder in round one but insisted she take her second. She was cleared by patrol, Stood one up and went with her father for an exray. She was okay. Josh Cohen aired the Big side and spun the second medium side both runs beating two thirds of his age group. Phoebe Novello continued her string of gold medal performances with a let-it-all-hang-out Method Grab on the Big jump after her Real boardslide on the flat down and before her board bending nose grab finish. India pushed the Progression for her group hitting big and spinning medium. The three just wouldn't set down and she ends in second. Lena overcame some practice nerves and stood up a two jib, two grab line. Finally for the day Erik Bentley Roomet served up the biggest smile I have caught him at since september. Big Back three and back five grabbed like they were old schooler straight airs and of course following his always tech rails- high bar sw.fitty ,180 out and maybe back lip on the down...And all this while the bulk of our staff and Team are getting on and off airplanes heading home from the Sierra's. It will be one of my favorite days of the year at the end. I continue to be impressed by the character as well as the riding of this years SMS group. Of course the big team reunion was great the next day. Perle won again, Emily E rode solid for second, carrying that sore shoulder. Novello first again... results are posted on USASA SoVT page. Sunday was all about being back together and it feels good. Most of the team was tired but entertained the masses with the jump next to the pipe all day.

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