Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Switch Backside

Today we split the crews between Mt Snow and Stratton. I hear Stratton was a blast, but I did the Mt Snow thing and have to comment on what I was blown away by. What was that, you ask? Well it was Shelby Simpson. Anyone who is paying any attention to our team knows that she is on a tear right now. In Boreal she decided to step it up and has been doing so ever since. Case in point, today she was spinning switch backside in pipe and slope. The pipe work is crazy, she drops in to a switch backside three, gets two in a run (with grabs) and then was attempting switch back 5s at the end of the pipe. She only really tried 2 or 3 fives, but if she had two more runs she would have landed one. For those who don't know, switch backside spins are the most unspun tricks in our sport. They are not much harder than the other spins, but people have been slow to master them so they stand out in comps (see Torah Bright and Danny Davis). Well Shelb is getting them down. In slope she is throwing switch back 180s and as you can see in today's photo, she is starting to grab them.
So big ups to Shelby Simpson. First place Open Women's pipe at Okemo this weekend, an invite to last week's World Cup, and riding in finals in the last Rev Tour. Keep it up Shelb, you are setting a great example and getting us all stoked to try new things!
I wanted to pump up Shelb today, but of course we have lots of other ripping going on. More on that later, but check out the Tierney/Wood doubles shot. The old over-under!

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