Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grand Prix Halfpipe Opens

I have to apologize again today for not having photos of the day's action. This shot of Pro/Am Coach Scotty and Daniel Landy is nice though right?
The halfpipe for the first Olympic qualifier GP opened today. The US team had it for the first 2 hours, leaving us to patiently watch from the coffee shop below. At 10am sharp we rolled into the pipe and it was much like the Breck jump line day. Lots of riders, many pro, and the Elite Team pushing its way up front and throwing down for all to see. The crew was happy to start slow, building amplitude and feeling out the tranny's. They kept it safe all day, but I had to marvel at what a mellow day is for these guys. 5s, 7s and 9s were the tricks thrown with ease and style on the first day of pipe training in 2010. With skills like that in Nov, the season looks good. James and Spencer stomped front 9s and Spencer rivaled the amplitude of anyone in the pipe.
After watching the riding and feeling out weak areas, I held a meeting with the Elite men to determine the next steps and directions. They all have goals that are attainable in a few days. This looks to be a great fall camp.

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