Monday, November 30, 2009

Photo Day with TIkos


Today our HP progression mission was put on hold when we heard that Thomas Tikos-Kadji was coming up to the hill with the sole intention of shooting photos. My entire Elite Crew have various sponsors, and its important for them to have a library of shots to send to said sponsors. This was a great way to slow the crew down a bit and refocus on amplitude and style. We treated this like any of our daily missions and the results were pleasing.


It only took an hour or so for the guys to get some killer shots, and then progression proceeded. James landed his first backside 9 which he comboed into a front 9. Joe has regained full amplitude and is working his cab spin. Hunter is stomping full runs with 5s, 7s and 9s. He is on the cusp of several new tricks. Randall landed the nicest front 7 I have seen out of him. In 3 days of pipe riding he is already ahead of himself at the end of last year (does that make sense?)
So please check out the work of Thomas Tikos-Kadji and tell me, do you think these guys are developing amp and style?

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