Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Rumble in the Railgarden


A Happy Thanksgivng to all my blog followers. For those missing their kids on this family holiday, know that they spent the day doing what makes them happy, shredding in the sun. It was another clear and warm day, conducive to enjoyable progression. Crowds were minimal as most normal persons are at home preparing for stomach stuffing.
The halfpipe is coming along nicely, but will not be open til Saturday. That left us to another day of rail training, which my crew is only too happy to endure. The day's mission was a game of Follow the Leader in the railgardens. Each rider chose a trick on a rail and was awarded a point for landing the trick. If said rider landed his trick, the others had to attempt the same trick and scored a point for completion. The idea behind the game was to get the guys to try tricks they would not normally think of. While a cautious approach could guarantee easy points, the riders went for the throat on each attempt. Again I was reminded that I'm with the Elite Crew now, and these guys don't hold back. The tricks were difficult and creative, and when a hard trick was copied the crowd went wild.
As two rounds neared completion it was SPENCER SHAW and ERIC BEAUCHEMIN who were left to determine the day's champ.

Spencer was one point behind and was the last to go. He landed his trick, a risky 50-50 back 360 off the a rainbow box. This tied him with Eric who was the last to attempt the trick. What a way to end the game! It all came down to one difficult trick. Well I can't say I didn't suspect that Eric would stomp it, and stomp it he did, riding away with a holiday victory. His win granted him Ranking Officer Status on the Elite Team until our next challenge.
Credit goes to all riders as each had at least one amazing trick or follow up.


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