Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So Close Now


Awoke to see the snow guns blazing up on Stratton. There was snow in the bed of my car too, not sure if it blew down from the guns or if some natural fell last night. There have already been 3 or 4 rail jams in VT, with more lined up each weekend from here on. Winter is just about here and the kids are dying to ride. Gotta keep on top of the schoolwork for a few more weeks though!
Next week a small crew of slope riders head to Austria for the Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam. Eric B, James Haffner, India, Serena, Phoebe and Makayla head out on Tuesday for a European Mission. We will be running a jump line our first days on snow. This crew of riders can step right to it, and after a focused two months of dryalnd, they are fit for the trip.
India has been working on getting product support from ROME, and she sent me her resume last night. She sent three or four photos, all of which showcase her budding style. The FRONTSIDE WALLRIDE shot at the top really caught my eye. Skate style! Wish her luck in her sponsorship pursuit and wish us all luck in Austria!

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