Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Safe in Austria

We arrived in Austria without trouble and are bedding down in a nice chalet in Schladming. Our house master is a nice lady my age who has already taken to the crew. She is impressed with their behavior and travel savvy. Her name is Veronika and she runs a fat camp here in the summer so she has all sorts of recipes for us starting tomorrow. The town of Schladming is quaint with amazing views of the Alps looming over us. The streets are narrow, non-grid, and mostly one-ways. I ran many of them the wrong way looking for the hotel and was relieved to hear no horns honking or curses yelled at me (even though many locals were in my path).
We enjoyed a team dinner, schnitznel and pizza, with Danger and Ty Walker. Now the crew is getting prepped for day one on snow (I can hear the girls talking about how excited they are). Should be a nice night, augmented by Alpine fresh air.
Somewhat overcast today so the cameras were not put to use yet. Lots of good photos and footage on the way. More tomorrow!

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