Friday, November 27, 2009

Woodward Rail Jam

Woodward at Copper held a free Yam Jam (rail comp) today. The announcer was none other than Rick Shimpeno, so you know tricks were called right and laughs were had by all. We have been training rails daily and it showed, as Randall Stacy, Connor Hudson, Mike Perle and Eric Beauchemin all made finals. They only took 10 to finals, otherwise James Haffner, Tierney and Spencer would have been in the race. I was also impressed by JAMIE CHARRON who had the eye of the tiger, hiked his butt off and landed most of his tricks with style. This kid is driven. Kyle Dorfman was also all business and landed some great tricks too. These two will soon be recognized for their skill and hard work. In the end it was Eric Beauchemin who walked away with the win, beating out a few of Coppers ripping locals. That's two wins in two days (Rumble in the Railgarden being #1), and he is off to the Rome Rail Jam at Loveland tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, one of the best pipe's in snowboarding's history will open to us at 10am. The Elite Team and Orin Pearce are amped and getting a good night's sleep in preparation for an epic session. Should be some good photos.
As I type I am awaiting the arrival of DAVE REDDEN, Phoebe Novello and Kylie Kennedy. They should be full of fresh energy, and they are showing up at a great time. This means that you will be treated to some Redden blogs over the next few days, and we all love those!

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