Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today was 10 degrees and the snow was blowing sideways but that didn't stop the Development Team from riding all day then going to Woodward for a session. We started the day with the usual stretching and jumped on the lift to take some free runs and work on different drills where Jennifer Hawkriggs was making some great turns. We de-thawed at lunch and got right back out there to hike some pipe. After tireless laps over the past couple weeks we worked on one hitters today. Marian Lobell, Karen Kobayashi and Lena Kuchera made some laps through working on switch riding and some 360's. Chip Linton, Scottie Sweitzer and Conner Callen were all landing smooth 360's. Jaime Charron after only riding a half pipe for the past two weeks was only a couple degrees from landing back flips. Rockstar of the day Josh Cohen landed his first ever frontside 720 in the pipe on only his second try, BIG CONGRATULATIONS.


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