Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still Feels Right

Today the elite programs are off snow. When I woke to nearly an inch of fresh snow to take James, Randall and Lena to an "0-dark hundred" am yoga class and then saw it still snowing afterwards, I knew our timing was still right on. Taking a day off from pipe training when the skies are blue and returning to train in flat light is one of the more frustrating occurrences in past camps. Call me a fair weather coach but I believe in building confidence. Grit will follow.
Likewise the Dev and Pro-Am crews took yesterday off and they benefited from the slashing and freeriding provided today. The HalfPipe Season is not quite so impending for them and they loved riding more of the mountain. Ian and the Elite Boys are over at Woodward skating and hucking into foam block pits. The girls in full restoration mode were seeking out massages and shops. You may or may not see some Ian Kirk Training photos coming your way tonight but I thought these two below here reflected the SMS Team Unity pulling together tighter by the day. Peace and Thanks once again.

Bromance. RS+TTK forever... Kyle D, Oran P and Ian K. Not Planned

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