Monday, December 7, 2009

Worlds Greatest Halfpipe Continues to Provide.

Sunday was a day off of snow but not lacking for action. Again it was great timing for a day off as it was snowing lightly all day up there. The Dev and pro-am riders went to Woodward for skate and jump training while the elite kids were grounded from action. In case you forget that this sport is not for the faint of heart I am going remind you. We lost a tooth for a short while but it has been put back in if you can believe that. Please believe if it were your son or daughter you would know already and that everything was handled professionally. Big Thanks to Phoebe Mills- (Mills-Shimpeno?) for helping out from the Woodward side. If we didn't have so many supporters in the shred world we (Scotty) might have had a tougher time heading to the perfect neighborhood dentist. But These guys made it happen and our partner in shred is comfortable and solid on the road to recovery. It is too early to say who but My man is sleeping soundly fifteen feet from where I'm not sleeping.
Saturday was another great day of training and My girls out here made me proud once again. I had to sit team tough girl Phoebe Novello to rest her ankle and I am pretty sure she has forgiven me by now but that is not so easy for her. She wants to ride hard every chance she gets and does but progression requires close to perfect health. Her team-mates did not waste the day and pushed their own personal progression with every respect for the opportunity. Serena Shaw who has also had to negotiate the waters of partial injury regained her front five on friday and made difficult but productive steps to re-aquire her back five saturday. I was impressed by her drive and pity the halfpipe that challenges her when healthy. She will destroy it.
Jen Cohen went large and rode clean and stomped out numerous Cabellarial five forties.

India stephenson cranked out her carves switch and reg. and spent some pm time getting front boards back on the down rails.She also progressed off the fake snow jump from straight airs to a solid back flip into the pit. Kiley K learned some new grabs on her backside wall and then at woodward in the afternoon, she darn near perfected the backside rodeo before moving on to the legit, corked back fives (off axis spinning) off the snow flex jump that could also be a premonition of a halfpipe Mctwist.
Shelby's hard work continued to pay off in the 22 foot pipe where her progressive run now includes her back and front five to go with her skate style tricks.
The girls had a long and productive day before indoctrinating Kiley Kennedy into the sushi eating snowboarder lifestyle with a dinner at Kemosabe. We were joined by our gracious and helpful hostess Karen Shaw who has been so kind as to allow ten strange young snowboarders and Coach Mike Sullivan into her home for this trip. The girls loved it. The riding is continuing to progress and team continues to become a unit

Photos from top; Shelby hellside air to Fake. Jen and Josh Cohen. Kiley corked bs 5

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