Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays, Enjoy Your New Years and Heads Up!

From The entire school and SMS Snowboarding Staff: Thank You for all you do to make this program what it is. Some do more than others but we all take turns doing what we can and it takes the individual effort of everyone involved to make this train roll the way the way it does. Serious gratitude to all. We hope that your spiritual holiday, your solstice, your family reunion or community celebration was fulfilling and that your new year is better than ever.
I had a great return home from fall camp to train in icy cold on hard packed park features with the pro-am crew. The two sided look at Connor Hudson's mad method says it all above. The rest of the elite crew had an extended session in Breckenridge around the dew tour and I am sure I'll be hearing about the mad progression there until next fall camp. I can't wait to see all the new tricks. Ian and Scott spent a long time away from home for that trip and deserve a big thanks. Mike came back from the Telluride World Cup Boardercross with a very productive result for Jackie even though she could not actually compete there due to a concussion. She has been invited to compete for the rest of the season on the WORLD CUP. Yes WORLD CUP in BX. I can only imagine how that feels. The other great news from that trip is that one of our great southern VT Heroes of the universe and Snowboarding in general, Ross Powers made the podium in the race out there gaining ground in his olympic quest. Could not happen to a better guy.
The Dev crew raced last week at Bromley and will round out their alpine season with one more double event there on the 3rd of jan. with two individual slalom races. Nationals spots have already been claimed by a few kids and more will be taken before school resumes. Also before school resumes Ian and I will travel to the Mammoth Mtn Grand Prix (x2) for Halfpipe and slopestyle with Joe, Eric B, Jenn, India, Shelby, Serena, Spencer, James and Hunter. We will get back just in time for a day of school and the start of the Rev Tour Season which is kicking off at Mount Snow. Practice day is the 13th. Pipe is the 14th and slope will happen on the 15th. The Rev Tour is the gateway to JR Worlds and the best nation-wide measuring stick relative to the progress of a High School Snowboard athlete/artist. Mount Snow's event may be the best place to get out and see our kids do their thing close to home this year so we hope you get that chance. That's it for your heads up but one more time: Thanks and enjoy the season.


Laura said...

Happy New Year to your adorable family!!!!!

simpsquan said...

most beautiful Reddens I know-happy holidays