Thursday, December 17, 2009

Overdue Footage

Here is that camp highlight footage I spoke of earlier. Don't know why it wants to load somedays and not others, computers have minds of their own. In this video you will see how well James, Spencer and Joe are riding at this point in the season. You will also enjoy my initial "favorite trick of the trip" (it might have been bumped by Eric's dub rodeo), Hunter Wood's transfer on the larger quarterpipe at Keystone.
Dew Tour is over for SMS and none too soon! Registration on the first night took 2 chaotic hours, many worthy SMS riders were snubbed, and those who made it in for HP were notified too late. Oh well, its not all about comps. This trip was a wild success for the Elite crew. So many tricks learned and complete mastery of the basics going into Jan. Not sure any of us want to come home, although we all miss family. See you all on Mon night.

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