Sunday, December 13, 2009

Earth to Kirk, what's up with Elite 2010?

Sorry for the lack of bloggin, the other coaches have been holding it down for me for a week or so. Been busy, but what good times! Progression, competitive success, footage and photos did not fall by the wayside like bloggin did!
We had a great time at the Grand Prix. My three guys managed to avoid the hype and pressure put on other riders, and threw down some of the best runs of their young lives. I'm quite proud of JAMES HAFFNER, JOE MENSCH and SPENCER SHAW, for competing at the sports highest level while keeping cool and having fun.
I have attached a short video of some of the camp highlights. In the video you can see James, Joe and Spencer's runs and judge for yourselves. Just realize that since last year, these guy's chosen HP runs have developed significantly. Joe has 2 900s and James has a 900, an inverted 720 and a 1080. Spencer starts off with a 1080 and boosts the largest straight airs of the team (although Joe Mensch fans may dispute).
Been feeling bad about neglecting slopestyle training (for the first time in 10 years of coaching). Poor India and Beaucheface, patiently waiting and hitting little kid rails at Copper. Tomorrow they shall be unleashed on Breck and will enjoy a week of park riding.

Having trouble loading the GP/Highlights video, and now I have a new video to share. ERIC BEAUCHEMIN landed a double back rodeo today at Breck. The double flip moves are setting pros apart from has-beens and Eric is now one of the few who can land them in slope. Hunter Wood is next in line and I imagine that line extends a few persons behind him. James Haffner and Joe Mensch are learning back rodeos, each adding their own style.

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Laura said...

Thanks for sharing and filming IAn. It's so great to stay connected when I can't travel with Hunter. Awesome!!