Monday, February 7, 2011

Revolution tour Boardercross

We have been on a boarder cross whirlwind tour. The Southern Vt. series two event days at Alpine Meadows and now the Boreal Rev tour. The team has been riding super well and have been awesome to work with. Everyone had fast qualification times in the morning and all made it into heats. Mike Perle was up first in the second heat. Mike had a killer start and was out front and charging. Blazing his way into the second turn with riders on his tail,Mike's heels dug to deep into the soft snow and he went down. Next up in the gate was Josh Cohen. Josh wanted that hole shot bad!maybe to much? Unfortunately he bumped the gate before it feel. Josh was still able to react and pull it back together and hang with the pack. With the harsh reality of racing shown to the athletes as well as myself. I looked to the ladies for redemption. Karen Kobayashi and Makayla Tierney were both in the semi-finals and looking for the front. Both had awesome starts. Watching the smooth controlled style of both Makayla and Karen into the last set of rollers and out of sight,I was confident that was the way they were going to end up,1ST and 2ND. And I was right! Being in the semi-finals that would place Makayla 6TH and Karen 7Th. In boarder cross there are super highs and super lows. I have seen all of these athletes deal and learn from both of those.

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