Thursday, February 3, 2011

HOLESHOT day #1 in the books

The HOLESHOT tour at Alpine Meadows kicked off today with a bang. The field was stacked with riders from all over the nation as well as the world. Making the cut was chour in itself. Josh Cohen had fast runs and was taking chances but unfortunately was unable to qualify against the heavy hitters. Mike Perle and Karen Kobayashi were able to make it into the qualifying rounds. Karen was up first to race and guess who was on her left hand side? Jacqueline Hernandez. The sportswoman-ship in that starting gate was something to see. Jackie was high-fiving Karen and having fun. When the gate finally dropped Karen held her ground right into the first turn like a true racer. Karen make it into semi-finals which got her a 5Th place finish over all. Mike was up after the woman's show down. After a bad pull out of the gate and running 4Th he was able to claw his way 1st place in that heat. After the second heat race Mike ended up 14Th over all. The level of features,speed and riding at this event is something to see. Like I say,'You live to ride another day' and we will in the morning!

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