Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HOLESHOT BX tour Alpine Meadows Ca.

The HOLESHOT boardercross tour is finally in sight for Joshua Cohen,Karen Kobayashi,and Michael Perle. It was a long trip out to California but the crew made it,even with an X GAMES rider sighting!alumni Danny Davis!With six hours of sleep under their heads the crew made it to the mountain and had a chance to ride the new course that Alpine Meadows created.California was up before us to give us 35 degree weather and bluebird skies all day.With four to five inspection slips under their belts,they were ready to turn on the speed.Mike Perle stepped up first and found the fast way over most of the difficult features most were struggling with.With in a short time Josh and Karen were also finding those fast lines.We also had SMS alumni Jackie Hernandez swing by for lunch. Jackie shared some of her thoughts and line choices with Karen,Mike and,Josh.I enjoy to see those athletes that have gone to SMS and still have the same caring desire to help their fellow friend,even if it means they might be in the starting gate with them.Stay tuned for more hot BX action!

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